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How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Website

Your domain name is one of the first impressions your website makes. Picking the right domain can influence how easily people remember and engage with your site. 

Here are some tips for choosing a domain name that supports your brand and marketing:

Consider the TLD (.com vs .net vs .biz etc) 

The TLD or top-level domain is the extension after your name. .com is the most common generic option suitable for most sites.  

Some other popular TLDs include:

– .net – Originally for networks but now widely used similar to .com

– .org – Typically for non-profit organizations 

– .biz – Indicates a business or commercial site

– .info – Suitable for informational sites or blogs

In most cases, .com will be your best bet for branding, memorability, and authority. But consider alternatives like .net or .org if the .com is not available. The TLD should match the positioning of your site.

Evaluate options between brand name or keywords

You have two main options when it comes to naming – using your brand name or choosing descriptive keywords. 

Brand name domains (like are great for reinforcing your company identity. They build brand recognition and trust.

Keyword-rich domains (like have SEO benefits as they directly relate to what your site offers. But they may not be as memorable.

Ideally, pick a brandable domain name that also incorporates relevant keywords. For example, a shoe site could use 

If the .com is taken, the fallback could be Get creative mixing brand elements with keywords until you find a domain that sticks.

Assess length and simplicity

Short, memorable domains tend to work best. Studies show domains with fewer characters have higher trust and recall. But don’t sacrifice clarity just for brevity.

Ideally, keep your domain under 20 characters if possible. Be wary of obscure abbreviations just to shorten it. Make sure it’s intuitive enough for visitors to grasp.

Having a “.com” can make the name more memorable than say “.info” or “.site”. So consider dropping endings like Inc, LLC, etc if it makes the domain over 20 characters.

Check availability and alternatives 

The first step is checking if your ideal .com domain is available. If taken, here are some alternatives to consider:

– Try adding a prefix or suffix like “get”, “go”, “official”, “company” etc. Like

– Change from .com to .net, .org or other common TLDs.

– Try hyphens or camelcase like

– Misspell a word like or

– Combine words like  

While a .com is ideal, don’t be afraid to get creative finding alternatives that are memorable and professional.

Prioritize memorable over common terms. covers keywords but isn’t very brandable. 

Use tools like Domainr to search for creative options through word combinations. Finding an available, brandable domain just takes some brainstorming.

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